Here is a blog for you, and your J classmates (#2010- 5J, #2011- 6J of SJK(C) Yoke Nam) to keep in touch. PLEASE, yes, PLEASE post something to let people know where you are and what you are doing after we've graduated.

Please, yes, again, keep in touch with this blog and visit it at least once in a week or month. Please post something frequently to get this blog updated. PLEASE.

Lastly, PLEASE don't edit other blogger's post. They might be angry. Beware. (Yeah, beware, some of them might even chew your head off!! exaggerating xD -Jasmin Liaw)

In case you want to complain something or sue me, my name is Regini Lee a.k.a. Angie.

Monday, January 26, 2015

regini was here :)

Hey hey heyyy my awesome people :D

I forgot who I was stalking the other day and I saw so many posts/photos during those good old times and I JUST MISS THOSE PRIMARY SCHOOL DAYS SO MUCH. (also I saw my comments and cringe at how annoying/bitchy I sound and I'm amazed at how nice you guys are to me and I feel so ashamed HAHAHA)

We're 16, everybody! Ugh. So far January hasn't been a good month; I cried for like thrice this month. I hope things will turn out better. The stress from my club and my uniformed group and those new Science subjects and Add Maths etc... ugh.

I DON'T GET WHAT MY BIOLOGY TEACHER IS TALKING ABOUT. For every sentence she said I had to repeat it in my mind all over again to actually understand what she meant.

What else? Hmm. PT3 results wasn't bad heh but honestly nobody cares. And my new classmates are quite fun :D When the class list was out last year I was SO SAD because literally all my best friends are not in my class.

And guess who's my table mate? JIA HUAY hahahaha. It was kinda awkward during the first week as we rarely get to talk to each other for the past two years(as she was in KH perdagangan classes while I was in KH ERT classes) but it's okay now x)

Sorry for not "post[ing] something frequently to get this blog updated"(see how annoying I sound? HAHAH). And that's all! Hope you guys have a sweet 16th and all the best everyboday!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Anyone still here?


this blog is abandoned yet again. 

Well, since it is the holidays, (one that's coming to an end) and I have an abundance of spare time on my hands, I thought why not give this thing a little update?

So...... How are you all doing? What have you all been doing? How's life?
To those who took PT3: How are your results? Satisfying? Great job! Not so satisfying? Ah well, screw it, PT3 is crap anyway.

What about me, you ask? yeah no don't care if you asked I'm telling you anyway hehehehehehhe 
I'm doing well. What have I been doing? Well, did a bit of traveling recently which was really cool. Hmmmm what else? Oh, my knee is weird and crazy and hurts, but nothing to worry about! (hopefully) School? Ayyy new syllabus next year! Intimidating but exciting.... I'm finally about to enter the wondrous world of Add Math and the Sciences!! I'm also taking History and Literature... should be pretty interesting. And............ yeah life's been good I don't really know what else to say HAHA sorry

But for reals tho, it's a little too late to be planning an outing or meet up or anything, but I do hope to see you guys soon. I miss you guys! I've been flipping through the 2011 yearbook and scrolling through all the older posts in this blog, and well, NOSTALGIA. HIT ME RIGHT IN THE FEELS.

Right, I've done my part and I fully expect you guys to comment on this. If not, really just, BYE. 

jks you can't get rid of me that easily. BUT HEY post stuff! Give me your life updates! I may sound stalkerish but I assure you I am not so yeah post stuff, comment yay bye.

oh oh one more thing, I started another blog: idek check it out maybe pls? love you guys xx

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Been quite a while, hasn't it?

Hey guys! How are you all doing?

I was just going through the same old motions of procrastination and came across our old class blog.... And wow the nostalgia!

The blog is seemingly abandoned, the last post was made last year, so I thought I'd make a post!I genuinely wonder how you guys are doing haha. 

To those studying the government syllabus: How goes the PT3 struggles? 
To those studying international syllabus: How's life?

If you guys were wondering how my life is going... (I'm gonna tell you even if you don't care so HAH) it's pretty good. High school's been great so far. I've joined more activities compared to primary and I'm more active so that's pretty great!

But then again, with growing up, comes more responsibility; and with more responsibility then comes the need to make more decisions...... Which is the most crap part about growing up in my opinion haha probably bc I'm horrible at decision making

Conclusion of this post: -- I tried to revive this blog. 

                                            -- I feel quite nostalgic as of now. 
                                            -- I miss you guys.  
                                            -- My procrastination skills never fail to amaze me.

(p/s: when's our next outing? November?)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013



Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Brenda's Post

It's been so long hey? I've almost completely forgotten my malay (huehuehue c:< ) My chinese is depleting gradually but it's still pretty good. Well I've actually been really good in Australia. I MIGHT have an Australian accent when I get back and talk to you guys and my chinese pronunciation may be a little weird… Yeeaaahhh. So, it really almost has been 2 years since I arrived in Australia and I HAVE NOT HEARD ANYONE PRONOUNCE MY "Lee Xing Yuet" name correctly. Pfft. Them whites.

So I entered high school only this year and it was a good start. We had a year 8 house camp (btw, I was in the yellow house) where all year 8s went to basically play games. It was pretty traumatising as well because… apparently the place we stayed used to be a mental asylum. YEAAHH. And we still had to play a game of hide and seek at NIGHT in that place… THERE WAS AN ISOLATION CHAMBER OKAY? DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THAT FREAKED ME OUT? T^T Yeh.

Swearing is something I forced myself not to do. Even thought my friends swear at least twice in every sentence they say. Yes, even during class o_o.. Yeahh. Uh let's see.. What else… I have a random addiction to shoujo manga(s), wafers, the smell of green apples, KUROKO NO BASUKE <3333, PEWDIEPIEEEEE and listening to hymns.

Yeah. Love you all ^_^  

the most touching thing you will ever read...well not really i just needed a title

So, well, yeah. Hi.

I'm 余自敏. Eii Tze Min. Eii because my father's birth forms got messed up. You know, the fat girl with the frizzy thick mane that liked anime and went around spreading  The Game (you lose) and helped printed the Troll faces in the class. I doubt if a lot of people will still remember me anyway.

Puberty still sucks for me and my hormones are against me. I'm still fat all over with my sagging butt and "aeroplane" chest. Well, when compared to the other girls anyway. The somewhat exciting thing about having the pinafore as our school uniform is that you get to see the bossoms exaggerated but it's easily noticible if you lack the stiff peaks normally found on a blossoming girl my age.

Oh, and we wear the same blue pinafores as SMK students, so you get to see strips of black bras to the side every so or often. Talk about eye candy.

I've started getting serious on weight loss. Yeah, not too convincing since I'm sipping a Starbucks Frappucino as I type this. But really, if you don't cut yourself some slack every so and often you'll binge at the very sight of desserts. I've rose to 62 kg at about May but managed to work it off to 58kg. Well, that's my current weight anyway.

I'm ( a pretty short for my weight) 154cm. Oh and I've straightened my hair since you get checked for hair and nails and such every few weeks and straightening helped tame my mane a little.

When I got into KC High I joined the Drama Club. It really helped with my phobia of public speaking or even speaking up alone against the higher authorities. But by no means does that mean that it helped with my insecurity issues. A heck load of people have told me to have more confidence in myself but I really can't bring myself to.

I swear a lot more naturally now. Which isn't too good. I'd let out a "SHIT!" here and a "FUCK!" there and damn it's annoying. But the swearing usually has no devious meanings to it but I still wish I had a cleaner mouth and a better self-censoring system.

I'm also more open towards boys now. Yeah. Back in primary I confess that I was scared shitless of them. Because one little gesture could get you two stuck in some rumours and gossip and such and I was really afraid. So now I can tall normally to them and it's really a change I like. Well we're more open towards such and we don't really shun away the opposite sex and everyone can be friends normally. Well they are still rumours and gossip around but i find myself less scared of them now.

I took up piano and knitting too. My piano is around Grade 1.5 level, but this is nothing conpared to the piano diplomats in my class.

So yeah, that's about it on my personal update. :D


GUYSSSSS its been two years man!!! I REALLY MISSED YOU GUYS everyone including have found new friends, been adapted to the life of secondary school, going through puberty and stuff hahahaa. its been such a long time, so many things have changed. Hahahah my best friend is now someone's best friend, my friends are all other people's friends. how long has it been since we sat down and talked :P well i did with Wen Xuan, Tze Min, Roxanne, Jasmin. What about the others?? :D are all of you guys still happy? successful? ;) hahaha anyone that is in a relationship?? :P aww man, hhaahah missing 6J and the time spent with u guys. hehehe that's all for now :) ttfn. talk in real life ma amigos good luck and all the best :DDDD p/s: Nicholas Cage just cracks me up hahhahhaha

Tuesday, December 25, 2012



Monday, October 8, 2012

hai aloha konichiwa xD

guysssssss and galsssssssss 4th of NOvember is Yoke Nam's 义卖会!!!!!!! i know its abit early to plan for that but pleasse pleasee pleaseeee pleaseee come and we can meet each other again! well, i really miss u guys MISS not MISSED!!!! its like so much fun with ya'll but not my secondary school peeps. and maybe during the holidays we can go somewhere too!! and to those who went last time. u guys are so not punctual == so we dint really get to do lots of stuff. hahah, ray shen said that he will belanja madam wong makan but it really dint worked out well, but teacher insisted him to belanja her makan and call us all out. so yeah, u guys in?? please dont abandon this blog, it was a legend!! and it is a legend :P see i'm using my time to post this ngeh!!! so yay!!!!!!! tomorrow is exam == oh and i ponteng sekolah today to revise :3 ngehehehehe byebye

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

This blog is getting abandoned :(

No one is posting stuff :( awwww. But seriously, it seems like only a few of us are posting in this blog to keep it alive.. (namely me, ReginiLee, YannRan, TzeMin) Others are like, post one time then ciao, and NEVER RETURN :( This blog needs people viewing and posting. If there's no one posting stuff, what's the point of viewing? And if no one ever views the blog, what's the point of posting in it, right? Come on la! J class members! Contribute! (Lawl, I'm giving out a speech that only a few of us (those mentioned above) will see. What's the point of posting this random speech if no one sees it? Well, I'm just trying to keep the blog alive, and not to mention that I'm FREAKING BORED ._.) Okay. Now that's over. Soooooo..... ITS PARTAYY TIME PEEPS! Nahh, I'm just kidding. Wait, there's no one here anyway... #foreveralone :'( (ehhh, to the dudes that do see this, comment! Show that you read this useless speech. Really awkward that everytime I post something it's like, ABANDONED. got that #foreveralone feeling laa~) Thank you and Goodnight! (lameeeee xD)